Kiki (22.10.74)

In no way am I a life-coach or some sort of spiritual guru and would never be so pretentious as to see myself that way. To be honest I really do not believe in that either (except maybe for the Dalai Lama or Nelson Mandela). I think we humans are all perfect the way we are and we have all the answers we need inside of ourselves. Sometimes we are simply too emotionally attached to the outcome of certain situations which makes us blind for the obvious. 

I am just any other soul having my human experience and I lived a life that offered a lot of beautiful things but also had enough shadows; I went through some very deep dark moments. 

Mental health has been an issue all my life, I guess it is a tough world - especially for an empath that picks up on everyones energy. There was this one particular year, not too long ago, where I basically lost everything that gives some sort of fundamental hold to life. I found many coping mechanisms that worked for me short-term and longer term and I noticed that people that I shared them with were very thankful and found it useful.

Spirituality has always been part of me, my family and my ancestors and I have been able to read peoples energy for as long as I can remember but it was only with a lot of exercise and effort that I learned how to channel this. I also pick up on your energetic connections to passed loved ones. With tools such as tarot, pendulums and my clair senses (most developed are clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairempathy) I can help you dig up those answers that already exist within you. 


I know a little bit about astrology, numerology, angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, spirit babies, soul contracts, twin flames, crystals, chakras, healthy food and all related topics but I find you can never learn enough about all these things and I am hardly an expert. I did gather a lot of helpful links, books and videos of people that do if you are interested in learning more too.


Basically I am just a regular person like you and I know how hard life gets sometimes, so if I can help you find your way by just talking or doing a reading for you... I am right here.